3M-Novec HFE-2704


3M-Novec HFE-2704


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3MTM NovecTM 2704 Electronic Grade Coating is a fluorinated polymer solution carried in a hydrofluoroether solvent. Designed for moisture and corrosion protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components, the polymer coating dries to a thin, transparent film with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. It does not need curing and is easy to apply, remove and repair. Both the solution and polymer are low in toxicity, non-ozone depleting and RoHS compliant. The coating contains a yellow-orange dye that is designed to fluoresce under UV light to aid the inspection of the coating and quality control of the coating process.

To avoid thermal decomposition, the coating solution should not be heated above 150°C (302°F) and the dried fluorochemical polymer film should not be heated to temperatures above 250°C (482°F). When stored under conditions of 16-27°C (60-80°F) and less than 60% R.H. in the original, unopened container, the shelf life is certified for 1 year from date of manufacture. Before using this product, please read the current product Material Safety Data Sheet (available through your 3M sales or technical service representative or at www.3M.com/Novec) and the precautionary statement on the product package. Follow all applicable precautions and directions. Always practice smart and safe industrial.


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